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When considering installing or upgrading a heat pump, furnace, or air conditioning (AC) system, it’s essential to understand the financial options available to make these investments more manageable. Here’s a detailed explanation of the financing options for heat pumps, furnaces, and AC systems:

12-Month Financing Plan

This financing plan allows you to purchase a heat pump, furnace, or AC system without any interest charges, provided you pay the total amount within 12 months through regular monthly payments. It’s an excellent choice if you’re able to pay off the investment within a year, saving you from extra costs on top of your purchase.

24-Month Financing Plan

If you choose to spread the cost of your new heat pump, furnace, or AC system over 24 months, this plan introduces a 5% interest rate on your purchase. Regular monthly payments are required, and paying off the balance within 24 months ensures you’re charged only the agreed-upon interest. This option offers a balance between manageable payments and keeping extra costs low.

36-Month Financing Plan

For those who need the most extended period to pay for their HVAC system, this option allows for repayment over 36 months with a 10% interest rate. It requires regular monthly payments and full payment within the 36-month period. This plan is suited for individuals who need maximum flexibility on payments, although it incurs higher interest costs than the shorter plans.
Each of these financing options is designed to help you manage the upfront costs associated with installing or upgrading to a new heat pump, furnace, or AC system. The choice of plan should align with your financial situation and how quickly you can comfortably clear the purchase amount. Opting for the shortest repayment period you can afford minimizes interest costs, making your investment in home comfort and energy efficiency more cost-effective. Always thoroughly review any financing deal’s terms and conditions to ensure it meets your needs and capabilities.